About Camera 1

At Camera 1, your image is our business.

With over 30 years of experience in publicity photography, corporate event photography, executive portraits and product shots, we pride ourselves on being 100% solution-based, and always delivering our clients needs. Our expertise and innovative use of technology will create images that have the power to captivate and convey your message.

Our state-of-the art photography studio and production facility is conveniently located in midtown Manhattan, where our staff photographers and retouchers will cater to your photography needs. Browse through our online galleries and feel free to call to review our portfolio or for an appointment to see our studio.

Camera 1 delivers, with complete photographic services for any need. We offer:

One of the finest portrait studios in New York. Our studios are superior in design, location and technology. We can also bring
Lour portrait studio to you.
On-location photography. Anywhere, anytime.
A digital imaging facility that provides for your photography, retouching, image production and video needs.
A vast network of photographers nationwide.
A complete professional support staff along with the latest equipment.
Direct electronic transmissions to the AP Photo Network, News Com BBS, Yahoo News and other wires. We understand
Lwhat editors want.
Over 30 years of experience. We listen to our clients, and we deliver for our clients.

Corporate Photographer NYC experiance
A portrait should visualize who you are... And having the artistry to capture a subject's strength, wit, warmth or determination, that's where we excel. Taken in your corner office or from our state of the art digital studio, your portrait will tell a story. Whether booked in advance or a last minute headshot, we always deliver quality.

Our Corporate Event Photographer has experiance with
Boardrooms, concert halls, stadiums and studios. We've done it all, and we know the best angles. With a professional eye for the essence of the story, we deliver press events in front page quality. Anywhere and anytime, our photographers can get the image you want, and the attention you need. And if you need it online or across the country, our advanced technology can make your image available within minutes.

A little magic can bring inanimate objects to life... And we pride ourselves on bringing style, energy and a sense of fantasy and clarity to every product image. By defining a brand, accenting unique qualities, or completely re-imagining, we bring your product to life.

Everything Else
Want something special? Out of the ordinary? With our talent, experience and state of the art studios at your disposal, the possibilities are endless. Whether it's images for a complex ad campaign, a rebranding of a web layout or just a simple expressive moment, we deliver a thought provoking message. If a picture's worth a thousand words, we've got volumes to show you.